About Us

Elmore Consulting Group (ECG) is a human resources management firm that offers expert advise and counsel on compensation and related human resources issues.   We help organizations:

      * Align pay with performance
      * Achieve responsible Executive remuneration
      * Manage, reward and engage their employees

Claudia Elmore Bond, MBA
President, Elmore Consulting Group (ECG)




Why do you need us?

Compensation plays a critical role in the ongoing and increasingly challenging effort toattract, retain and motivate a talented and global workforce.


Legal compliance in all areas of human resources is an arduous and time consuming task. Allow Elmore Consulting Group to assist your organization so that you can spend your valuable time focused on your business.


Why use our service?

  •   Initial meeting is complimentary !!!

  •   We are available to our clients 24/7

  •   We guarantee the quality of all of our client      work

  •   We customize all of our work to meet your      specialized needs 


Free Resources

Contact us today for a free
consultation and receive our complimentary presentation,

Ten Ways to Save Your   Organization from a   Lawsuit.


In addition, we have many additional free resources including sample policies and human resources forms.