Elmore Consulting Group (ECG) can assist your organization with various compensation, benefits, and human resources services.  Elmore Consulting Group, Inc. can assist your organization with consulting services that will be customized to meet your goals and objectives.

Feature Services

Elmore Consulting Group (ECG) can assist your organization with the following services:


Executive Compensation

  • Proxy Analysis

  • Reasonable Compensation

  • Job Offers for Key Positions

  • Short-term and Long-term Incentive Programs

  • Executive Benefits and Perquisites Benchmarking

  • Board/Compensation Committee Advisory Services

  • Not-for-Profit Compensation - IRS Compliance

  • Restricted stock, Stock Options, and Performance Units

  • Employment, Severance and Change of Control Agreements

  • Benchmarking the Executive Team relative to a Peer Group or Industry


Sales Management Compensation

  • Sales Pay Mix Analysis

  • Sales Incentive Plan Design

  • Benchmarking of Sales Positions

  • Aligning Sales Compensation with Performance

  • Sales Compensation Audits

  • Selection of Performance Measures and Target Pay Levels

  • Annual Review of Sales Incentive Plan Performance

24/7 Market Pricing Program

  • For a monthly retainer, clients receive a number of jobs that we will market price within 24 hours of the request. This program is ideal for immediate hiring issues or emergency market pricing:
  • Sliding price scale on cost per job

  • Client decides how many jobs they may need market priced throughout the year

  • If the number of jobs are not utilized they are "rolled over" to the next year

  • We have your organization's specifications on file to expedite the process

  • Anyone who is authorized in your organization can contact us directly


Performance Management

  • Aligning Pay with Performance

  • Merit Planning and Analysis

  • Performance Appraisals

  • Core Competencies Development specific to Your Organization

  • Special Incentive Programs that Reward High Performance

  • Merit Matrix Development (Customized for your company including Compa-ratios, Performance Scores, and/or Seniority)

  • Aligning Employee Performance with Business Strategy

Total Rewards for all Employees

  • Salary Structure Design

  • Job Analysis and Evaluation

  • Employee Incentive Plans

  • Special Retention Bonus Programs

  • Total Rewards Employee Statements

  • Employee Total Rewards Benchmarketing

  • Benchmarking for "Hot" and Critical Skills

  • Benchmarking Base Salaries and Pay  Ranges

  • Succession Planning

Specialty Compensation Services

  • Immediate Sanctions

  • Compensation/OFCCP Audits

  • International Compensation

  • Overtime Compensation & Exemption

  • Custom Salary & Benefit Surveys

  • Labor Market Statistical Research

  • H-1B Wage Determination Services (Immigration)

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence / Integration

  • Compensation Discussion & Analysis (CD&A) Preparation

  • Survey Input and Research for Specific Needs (Published Surveys)


General Human Resources Services

  • Legal Compliance

  • Policy Development

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Employee Communications

  • Employee Litigation Support

  • Career Ladders and Job Families

  • Human Resources Metrics Benchmarking

  • Compensation/Salary Administration Handbooks


Speaking Engagements & Employee Training

  • Supervisor Training

  • Compensation 101 Training

  • Human Resource Compliance Training

  • Performance Appraisal and Management

  • Compensation 101 Training

  • General Compensation and Human Resources Topics including executive compensation, legal compliance, performance management, and sales incentive programs

International Compensation

  • Expatriate Compensation

  • Benchmarking Jobs for all International Countries

  • International Equity Practice by Country

  • Alternative to Equity by Country (Taxes and Legal Issues)

  • International Benefits by Country

  • Benchmarking County Practices including number of months of pay, incentive plans, stock/long term incentive plans, car allowance and other allowances