Elmore Consulting Group (ECG)      

creates pay and performance management programs

that maximize the motivation and productivity of your

employees, managers and executives.

Featured Services

Elmore Consulting Group (ECG) can assist your organization with the following services:


Solutions For Your Business Needs

Elmore Consulting Group (ECG) will improve your business performance by increasing your Return on Investment (ROI) in employee pay.




Human Capital Metrics

Create a new set of metrics that tie Human Resources functions like benefits,

compensation, recruiting, and performance management to overall corporate goals....read more


Total Rewards Audit

Your company may need a total rewards audit if...read more




Our Business Style


Our goal is to increase the effectiveness of your Human Capital by maximizing your compensation and benefits budget. We find creative solutions

to attract, retain and motivate your employees.


Our Clients


Elmore Consulting Group (ECG) clients vary from not-for-profit firms and privately held companies to Fortune 500 companies.

Consulting assignments have varied among industries and included clients such as: ...read more

Market Pricing Programs


Market pricing is the technique of creating a job worth hierarchy based on the "market rate" of a job in the labor market and its

relationship to the other jobs within the organization. There are external and internal markets for labor --- both can influence pay rates. ...read more